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Hatta Kayak

Another major draw is the Hatta Heritage Village in the central town. This restored museum is an example of true Emirati life in historic times. It comprises 30 buildings, including huts and houses, reconstructed as they were hundreds of years ago. The Village also houses relics and documents of past life, where you’ll learn about Dubai’s Arabian heritage from food to folklore.Take a tour around the Village and you’ll see two watchtowers and a fort, as well as a mosque from olden times. The museum also hosts several events during UAE holidays such as National Day (Dec 2).Hatta Heritage Village +971 4 852 1374Kayak through the Hatta lakeSoon visitors will be able to try something a bit different - kayaking through the vast Hatta lake. Tourists and residents will be able to rent kayaks or paddle boats from a kiosk at the reservoir for a relaxing ride across the clear waters of the turquoise-hued lake, where they’ll encounter natural inhabitants including fish and birds. You will also be able to venture into unseen areas through curved passageways hidden behind the mountains and not visible from the reservoir viewpoint.12noon-6pm Courtesy: @VisitDubai




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